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EWTS Automatic Backwashing Carbon / Garnet Filtration Systems: FAQs

Chlorine Tastes, Odors?

Hair or Skin Dried Out or Irritated By Chlorine?

Sensitive Aquariums, Orchids, House Plants?

If you are in an area of high chlorine levels or periodically experience excess chlorine odor or taste, we may have what you are looking for! Most cartridge-type carbon filters are just too small to properly remove chlorine throughout the home and can cause pressure loss and low flow rates. The Automatic Carbon Tower Series is specially designed for use on city water which can be high in chlorine. Instead of frequent cartridge changes, these systems backwash and clean themselves automatically. Unlike cheaper systems, these filters have enough activated carbon media to provide the filter bed the contact time needed for the size home you have. With over six models to choose from, we have systems for homes from 1 to 6 bathrooms. Custom systems for larger applications and commercial applications are also available.

Why Use a Carbon Tower?

If your water contains over 0.2 PPM of free chlorine then you can look forward to:

Choose from industrial-grade 316 stainless steel filter tanks (shown above) or heavy-duty Poly-Wound tank construction.

How Do I Know What Size I Need?

Pick a system with a pipe size that is not less than the pipe size of your water service (at the shut-off to your house). For chlorine taste or odor reduction, you can choose by PEAK flow rate, in "GALLONS PER MINUTE" (listed as GPM in the price list), this is the maximum flow that can pass through the system, at a 25 psi pressure drop.

Actual service flow rates, for optimum removal of chlorine and organic compounds, if present, is 20% of peak flow rates shown.
Hundreds of other sizes for residential and commercial applications available!
Check Out These Advanced Features and Benefits:


Additional information: Above items are 115v models. Also available in 24v, and 220v/50hz. For use on disinfected water only. Installation not included in above pricing. Plus sales taxes where applicable. Flow rates shown above are peak flow rates, based on a pressure drop of 25 psi at the peak flow rate. Actual flow rates will vary based on water temperature and pressure. Flow rate recommendations and installation data is provided for as a help in sizing; actual applications and installation could vary, no warranty or guarantees are expressed or implied regarding this information. All 3/4" and 1" units come with heavy-duty bypass valve. For other units, a bypass should be installed using ball or gate valves. Always follow all local plumbing and electrical codes when installing, including installing an air-gap on the drain line connection. For more information see the installation manual.

See drawings on how to install carbon filters!