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Reverse Osmosis System for Well Water

Nine unexpected things found in drinking water

Important information about your well water in South Florida:

Recent scientific studies have revealed that child and adult cancer rates in the Acreage (Palm Beach County) are elevated.

In fact, one of the studies found that much of South Florida lies in a statistical cancer cluster that includes Miami-Dade, Broward and Palm Beach counties and stretches all the way to Naples and Fort Myers.

Please, for your own sake – Google cancer clusters in South Florida and read the news reports and research for yourself. Then ask yourself… Are you that confident about your own well water?

Most Companies only test for basic contaminants, such as: iron manganese, tannin, nitrates, alkalinity, PH, and water hardness.

There are hundreds of contaminates in well water and that's why independents and government experts are trying so hard to find out the actual source of the cancer clusters throughout South Florida.

We cannot urge you strongly enough to be proactive when it comes to ensuring that the water you and your family drink, cook and bathe with is free from potentially harmful chemicals.

Please look at our systems for treating well water or contact us today for treatment solutions for your own health and peace of mind.